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Weddings and banquets booked in the off-season will have their prices reduced on the invoice.
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Dances that begin before 6pm will have $50.00 added to the invoice. Why should I start my wedding after 6pm? Lets say you starts at 5pm and so guests arrive and you eat dinner at 6pm. Dinner never takes more than one hour so its 7pm and time for speeches which nowadays take 10 – 15 min so its 7:20pm. Move on to the cake cutting and maybe a slideshow and its 7:30pm. The question we ask brides is to name one time in your life you saw a large group in Prince George go out to dance anywhere in broad daylight at 7:30. People are creatures of habit and weddings that start too early have painful beginnings because we are not trained to dance early. Additionally people lack the energy to dance for more than four hours and crash before 11:30 if it does manage to start early.
(included in platinum package)
Extra mics available at $50 each.
$250.00 (included with platinum package)
Add uplighting to your event $150.00
Add music and trivia during dinner (banquets) no charge
(included in platinum package). You supply the device the slideshow will play on (i.e. laptop, DVD player, etc).
Included with platinum wedding package.
We have special lighting needs to discuss.
(included in platinum package)
Add ceremony services for $250
The DJ is typically invited to eat dinner after all guests eat. Is this acceptable?
If you have live musicians booked for your wedding, please include details in the additional comment box below.
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