XP Entertainment

Virtual Reality

XP Entertainment

We offer a new, entertaining and immersive group experiences for your personal or corporate events.  We bring virtual reality to your events and provide a customized experience to your attendees.

Our Setup

We currently have the latest model of the HTC Vive, a computer powerful enough to run any VR experience, and a projector & screen for the audience!

We’ve made our setup fully mobile, and are ready for to set up a play area of 15’x15′.  This means you are able to walk around in 125 of space with the headset on!

Apps & Games

We have access to hundreds of apps and games, and will tailor the experience to your event.  If you have a younger crowd who are physically active, we can throw them into a more intense game.  If your crowd consists of creative types, we will cater the experience to drawing, and building in a 3D environment.

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